PC Scan and Assessment

Restoro lets you scan your computer extensively and generates reports on its health and performance. A typical scan will check for;

Hardware - Scans the hardware connected to your motherboard for any issues. It also checks your CPU’s power and temperature. 

PC Security - Identifies any malicious files present on your PC.

PC Stability - Identifies any software programs prone to frequent crashing.

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Restoro’s scan is extensive, going into the deep ends of your PC to search for any flaws. It’s a practical tool to monitor your computer’s health continually.

detection and removal

Viruses are sneaky. They could be hiding in plain sight where you can’t easily find them. Restoro comes to the rescue by scanning your PC's four corners for viruses and removing them where applicable. 

Restoro uses a custom virus protection engine with extensive safelists and denylists to detect viruses. 

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Repair virus damage

For system files on your PC that a virus has already damaged, Restoro can replace them from its repository containing over 25 million Windows files.

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